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1 Secret To Defusing Sibling Discourse

Posted by restoringlifefoundation on March 10, 2011 at 6:28 AM


Being at home alone with my two sons that are on the journey to manhood can at times be daunting. Their physical prowess means that within a few short years they are likely to be stronger and fitter than their 40 something 5ft 4" mother. Therefore handling their misdemeanours and disagreements meant I needed to adopt a more strategic approach to resolving conflict within our household. On the occasion that I found myself refereeing and being the bodyguard to my youngest, throwing myself in the way of the oncoming traffic of my preteen; I noticed that I very quickly became out of breath. This was compounded by the fact that I had had to make a mad dash up the stairs to separate them in the brawl. I found one secret response that instantly defused the situation and allowed me to take back control.

That response is Laughter.

1.) I have found that exaggerated laughter immediately after I have separated my boys instantly changes the emotional atmosphere in two ways. Firstly it considerably calms me by releasing happy hormones; this laughter also gives me some thinking time to regain composure and control of the atmosphere.


2.) It causes a temporary distraction in my sons and deflates some of their anger.


3.) This gives them both an opportunity to back away from the situation without losing face, or see the funny side of their behaviour, clear their head and be ready to talk about the cause of their conflict, and work towards a resolution.


Try it, this works everytime for me.  Let me know of any other secrets you have discovered.

Categories: For your daily inspiration, Growth and Maturity

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